Since 1970

RUMO Institute

"RUMO Institue. Transforming the life of kids, teenagers and women." RUMO instituto

Founded on April 5, 2005, the RUMO Institute is a nongovernmental organization based in the city of Piracicaba, São Paulo. The Institute has, since its foundation, the qualification of Civil Society Organization of Public Interest - OSCIP that enables companies taxed by the regime of taxable income to deduct the donation on income tax (CIT) and Social Contribution on Net Income (CSSL), up to 2% of Operating Income (Law 9,249, dated 12.26.1995).

The Institute’s objective is to provide social and educational awarness for children, teenagers and lower-income women of less fortunate social and personal circumstances.

The vast majority of the participants of the program and projects that are assisted by RUMO, are living in neighborhoods such as Bosques do Lenheiro, Mário Dedini e Jardim Gilda, situated in the northern districts of Piracicaba.

Through integrated actions to social education, living and family care, combating violence and public health, RUMO creates real conditions for the biopsychosocial development of the assisted, providing them the ability to achieve full development as a citizen.

children eating lunch in a classroom